Stop Littering

Disgusted by the sight of rubbish just about everywhere? Can’t stand people who litter? Want to make a difference?

Then join the ''Ana Ma Bkebb'' campaign !

Our campaign starts with you and gains momentum as more people join in. So each and everyone has a role to play!

A simple car sticker.
A T-shirt with our logo.
A customized car trash bag to avoid littering.
Our logo on cans, bottles, fast-food containers, bags, advertising boards.
These are only a few of our ideas…and more are welcome!

What you can do to help:

1. Acquire the “Ana ma bkebb” sticker and display it clearly on your car.

What this can do: distinguish you as a “non-litterer”, show others that “no, not everyone does it”, raise awareness, put (at least some) people to shame

2. Help us circulate those stickers among as many people as possible. Invite friends to join this cause. Talk about it to others.

What this can do: the more people display those stickers, the more effective the campaign can be

3. Let us know if you have any contacts with gas stations, taxi companies, buses, etc.

What this can do: promote the use of our stickers on private or company cars, public buses; Get sponsorships, endorsements, support to spread the campaign

4. Kindly reprimand people you catch littering, try educating them and share your stories with us. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but it definitely won’t make it worse…and the experience may be labelled as “research or social study”

What this can do: raise awareness, put people to shame, give ideas, identify problems

5. If you practice an activity involving public exposure (walking, running, cycling, any sports or hobbies), order a T-shirt with our logo.

What this can do: raise awareness, show that we find this practice unacceptable, publicize our campaign especially in those areas where people tend to litter like the corniche, public beaches, mountain trails.

6. Find sponsors: to fund more stickers, T-shirts, trash bins and bags, No littering signs, etc. This campaign started as a private initiative but funds are needed to make it nation-wide and allow it to reach as many people as possible

What this can do: raise awareness, spread the word, reach all areas.

7. Give us more ideas!

1. No littering

2. Lebanon is NOT a trashbin