One of the best ways you can help animals who are beaten and tortured for fur is by telling Donna Karan executives you'll boycott her collections until she removes fur from them.

Donna Karan knows about the suffering that goes into every fur-trimmed coat, hat, and bag. She even promised to stop using fur in her designs in the past but has gone back on her word twice. The Donna Karan line now contains the skins of dead rabbits.

Please e-mail Carole Kerner, president of DKNY, now.

Please send polite comments to:
Carole Kerner
President of DKNY
[email protected]

Remember: You can help animals everywhere by joining PETA's Action Team today: http://bit.ly/action-team.

1. Boycott Donna Karan's collections until she removes fur from them

2. Contact DK Executives at [email protected]