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Meghan Rice It is with great sadness and more than a little frustration that I must announce that the Independent Report published with regards to the feasibility of a freestanding midwife-led birthing unit at the new QE2 in Welwyn Garden City, Herts states…Read More

A message I (Meghan Rice) am forwarding from the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

In this last week before Christmas I know that getting the shopping done, despite the snow, is uppermost for most people. However there is one other quick thing which I'd really appreciate you doing... We're engaged in a last minute pitch to try to convince…Read More

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Thank goodness for small victories! They have given us an oh so slight extension on getting the petition results in support of a MLU at the new QE2 in! Please if you haven't signed the petition already and you live in or near enough to Welwyn Garden…Read More

Last week to sign petition if you want your view to count in the SHA Review!

Last week to sign petition if you want your view to count in the SHA Review! The SHA review panel will submit their recommendations to the PCT next week making this the last week names on the petition will be counted in the recommendation. Please sign it and…Read More

The petition

Hello everyone! The campaign is under way now, please sign the petition to pledge your support and help make this unit a reality. Keep your eye on the website and the Welwyn Hatfield Gazette for more info. Many thanks, Meghan www.SayYesToMaternity.com
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