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New study findings

The results of this study show conclusively that a shock from an Electric Collar is not as strong as one from a Stun Gun. I think just the fact that god knows how many dogs have been tourtured to produce this result should be reason enough on its own to have…Read More

Yet another online sale of shock collars with no advice given or dangers explained. Hi all can we please contact this company and inundate them with messages to try to get another online store to stop selling shock collars please.

electric shock collars

well sensible dogs (south devon local dog training business) has finally slipped up re its use of cruel training methods using electric shock collars, electric shock collars cause pain, suffering and severe psychological damage, if you wnat more info re…Read More

The Governments stance on Electric Shock Collars

328. We received a number of submissions commenting on the use of electronic shock collars and training devices. This was despite the fact that Defra has set out no proposals in the draft Bill document with respect to either regulating or banning the use of…Read More

Physical Punishments negative effects

take a look at the link below, you will probably have to copy and paste it to your browser, makes for very interesting reading. Jeni

Please let this online shop know exactly how you feel about them selling these torture devices!!

Thank you to all who emailed and or wrote reviews on this device, i am happy to report that this shop does nto appear to be selling these anymore, how about we say a big thanks the same way to this shop to take the responsible action of removing them!!

Electric collars

Please let this online shop know exactly how you feel about them selling these torture devices!!
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