Home Stretch to get Dre Out of Pain

Only $270 more to raise by Dec 23--we have to raise $30 per day! https://personal.paypal.com/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=marketing_us/send_money&nav=0.2 send to ear[email protected] Thanks everyone, we're almost there!

update :)

hello beautiful friends: so, just to update: today (11/30/10) i had a 2nd consultation with the oral surgeon, and i am scheduled for surgery on dec. 23rd. i have until then to raise $270, and i will be ready to pay to get these suckers out. thank you SOOOO…Read More

We are almost there!

We only need to raise $270 more to get our friend Andrea out of pain and back to health! If every member of this cause gave only $10 more by going to…Read More

Dre's cause is working, but we still need more help!

Congratulations to friends of Dre, we've made some progress! We now have 30 members in the cause. $200 has been donated to Dre's PayPal Account which means that another $200 will be matched by two friends, totaling $400 raised! Kudos all around, but we still…Read More

take 2 on how to donate to Dre's Cause

Lemme try this again: First $200 donated to [email protected] gets matched. You can use a credit card or paypal account. Or just get more people to join our cause! Thanks for your…Read More

Now is the time to begin to act for Dre

The first $200 donated to Andrea's Paypal account listed below will be matched by two friends for a total of $400, a decent chunk of the money she needs. You can use a credit card and paypal to send donations to [email protected] (Dre's paypal account).…Read More
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