Hi again everyone Have added some more photos to our facebook page, but wanted to let you know that if you go to the official CHOC facebook page and click on photos there are many many more there for you to have a look at what a wonderful day the kids had! I…Read More

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Finally recieve some photos of the CHOC Party! Enjoy and thank you so much !!

Waiting for photos

Hi everyone Happy 2011 to those whom i havent wished as yet ! Just wanted to let you know that CHOC has posted some photos on their facebook page of the Christmas parties they held around the country in Dec- unfortunately they have only loaded a handful from…Read More


Hi friends, please see photo i have just loaded, THANK YOU FROM CHOC Its their heartfelt thanks to you!

Another thank you

Hi Friends I wanted to send out another very special thank you to my great friend Lenete - Lenete so lovingly took her Clamber Club equipment to the Choc party on 21 Nov for the kids to love and enjoy ! Thank you Lenete for opening your heart and giving so…Read More


Hi Friends - just to let you know i have created an album called CHOC TREATS AND GIFTS with pics for you to enjoy! Have a great week, God Bless!

very special thank you's

I wanted to thank my amazing Mom, Bev, for the HUGE amount of help she has given me in our Christmas project for CHOC. Mom has come with on the shopping trips, given advise on the gifs to get, helped me choose the sweets, to carrying bottles of water in and…Read More
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