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WOW 26 members so far! Thank you for all of your support guys and gals!! Just a couple reminders for the day =)
1--Tell someone that they are loved! Be the light that you want the world to see.
2--Invite your friends to help support our cause! Joining the group is only the first step, stay proactive in finding new members and encouraging others to support what we believe in!
3--Upcoming dates to remember--October 20-- wear purple in support of the three gay, young men that committed suicide because of the abuse and hate they received at school and at their homes.

** a special note.
Last night a group member came to me and showed me a link where they had been conversing back and fourth with someone else, who is "no longer" gay, about whether being gay is genetic or not. I would just like to say that I am very proud of this certain member for what he said and how he stood up for our community. Sometimes we are all each other will have, we should support each other, not bring each other down and thats exactly what he did, support us. A big thank you goes out to him.
Love each other no matter your differences.

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