It's a pity that our country has to wake up today and hear news of the conservatives, in Iowa, trying to revoke the law making it LEGAL for gays to wed in the state. Stay constant in rallying for our rights as HUMAN BEINGS!! Stay steadfast, in supporting one…Read More

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Hi guys!! I hope this bulletin/email finds you having a great day and in a fabulous mood =) I am so excited that we have reached 142 members! I hope everyone is just as excited. It is important that each member realize that they should be responsible for…Read More

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Just a quick thank you to everyone who wore purple today in support of the recent suicides. THANK YOU!! love one another and support one another.


Good evening all of you beautiful people!! I just wanted to remind everyone that Wednesday is the day that we are supporting the young people who committed suicide in these past months. Wear purple and support your fellow man! As always...Tell someone you…Read More

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WOW 26 members so far! Thank you for all of your support guys and gals!! Just a couple reminders for the day =) 1--Tell someone that they are loved! Be the light that you want the world to see. 2--Invite your friends to help support our cause! Joining the…Read More

October 20

Good morning everyone!! Don't forget to wear purple on October 20 in support of the young gay men who have unfortunately, committed suicide, due to the hate crimes performed against them. Today, tell someone that they are loved. Support each other =) Have a…Read More
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