Identification, Reduction and/or Elimination of Barriers Preventing Appropriate/Effective Pain Management Treatment for Patients with Chronic Pain Conditions.

The "United for Change: Chronic Pain Resource & Support Network" group is the place to discuss the issues... and come up with solutions!


"Pain Management Treatment 4 Chronic Pain" Event currently in progress


For people with Chronic Pain conditions obtaining appropriate/effective pain management treatment can be deemed a "Challenge" to put it mildly.

Many people who have never experienced chronic pain, simply don't understand the barriers that prevent effective pain management. But by working together we can we can see changes made.

Patients, family members, friends and medical professionals all experience the effect Chronic Pain conditions have on their lives from different perspectives.
We're planning to draft a petition to submit to congress that will address what we consider to be the most significant barriers we face, and will propose methods to resolve them.

Draft a Petition Addressing Barriers to Obtaining Appropriate/Effective Pain Management Treatment for Patients with Chronic Pain Conditions.

To accomplish this, we're going to need your input.

All suggestions are welcome!

What have you found to be the most significant barrier to achieving effective pain management?

Is it something that can be fixed?

If so... how?

1. Chronic Pain conditions are real, not imagined! Patients are entitled to be treated with dignity, respect & receive appropriate treatment!

2. Politicians, media & public need to be educated so they are able to differentiate between Addiction, Tolerance & Dependence.

3. W/C Laws focused on cost control NOT ensuring an injured worker obtains treatment needed to aid in recovery and/or prevent a permanent disability.

4. Education not Legislation is needed to decrease prescription drug abuse & increase Effective Pain Management Treatment for Chronic Pain Patients

5. Petition Project Link http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=156822451013697&v=app_2344061033#!/event.php?eid=153866671318339&index=1