New Total = 16% goal obtained

A new praise to God is in order. As of today, the fund is up to $5,570.00. The total cost will be around $35,000. So the new total puts us as 16%. Please continue to share, pray, and recruit new members. Also, please check out Tom and Mellisa Smart for…Read More

Combine Total

A priase to God is in order. So far we have raised $1000.00. Please continue to pray that God will allow for the funds to come for the adoption. In all things, we give God the glory. Tom Smart

Please Join our Adoption Cause

Dear Friends, As you know the cost of adoption is extremely high and we are asking and praying that God will provide the finances we will need. We are asking our family and friends to contribute to our adoption fund. This will be the greates gift you could…Read More
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