To help children who work as much as adults in harsh conditions so that their families can survive.

A migrant family in the US today earns on average less than $14,500 a year, far below the poverty level. To survive, many parents are forced to remove their children from school to work in the fields: as a result, nearly 2/3 dropout of school permanently. Some 400,000 children between the ages of 5 and 16 labor in fields and factories to feed us, lacking the protections offered by the Fair Labor Standards Act that all other American children enjoy. They are exposed to the elements, to pesticides, and to harsh physical labor that can permanently harm them.
This must change!
Shine Global, a non-profit film production company, has been working on a documentary film called THE HARVEST. Set to premier in early 2011, scenes from the film have already been shown to Congress in support of changing child labor laws to include protection of children working in agriculture.

1. Children should be able to go to school

2. Children should be protected from dangerous labor conditions

3. visit www.shineglobal.org

4. visit www.afop.org