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Cross Lanes Organic Farm uses Hebridean Sheep to assist with Green Roof Management

Cross Lanes is an eco-friendly centre focusing on living in a sustainable way. We are committed to ensuring the least possible impact on the environment and hold sustainable practice at the heart of what we do. The site features a number of green credentials which will continually be added to as the business develops. There is a living roof, with sedum planted on the south side and meadow turf planted on the north side. The meadow turf has around 25 varieties of wild flower and grasses in it including yarrow, wild carrot, red campion, cocksfoot, yellow trefoil, sheeps parsley, burnet and corn marigold. To help with the management of the grass, 3 hebridean sheep have been brought in on loan from Phil and Anne Hughes, friends of Peter & Sue. Hebridean's are an ancient hardy mountain rare breed well accustomed to grazing open pasture at high level and have taken very well to their roof lodgings. The sheep have the poshest sheep pen in Durham, constructed by the P&S Coverdale Masonry Contractors team, it is stone built with a tiled roof, wrought iron gate and fencing and wooden slatted ramps up to the eco roof.

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