To work towards educating men and women to ensure women's safety in India and avoid incidents like the ones that happened on New Years Eve across the country

Are the women in India really safe? The incidents that took place this New Years eve have woken us up to a new reality - women in India are not safe, not even in Mumbai that is always endorsed as one of the safest cities in our country.
The moral police has blamed the women concerned for being out at an unearthly hour, dressing in a vulgar manner and inviting trouble. Is a woman not allowed to enjoy her fundamental rights as a citizen of India?

Today when our women are at the forefront of everything, when we go out tom-toming about the Kalpana Chawla's, Indira Nooyi's and Mother Teresa's of our country why are we still being subjected to such treatment in our own country? Why is no one taking any action for the safety of our women?

We need to come together to resolve this issue... the least we can do is pitch in to help when we see such injustice happening around us instead of just letting the louts get away with their behaviour!

1. Dont just stand and watch - get involved

2. Protect women's rights instead of blaming them for inviting trouble

3. Stand up to the moral police - every citizen should enjoy their fundamental rights!