Looking for more ways to help?

Check out Project Stay Gold!

If you want to know what you and a group of like-minded friends can do to help the cause, Project Stay Gold ( is a prime example of what can be accomplished with limited resources.

Project Stay Gold ( is a student movement to fight human trafficking, including labor and sex trafficking. It was founded by a group of middle school students who learned about the issue in class and wanted to do more. They have created a website, are selling t-shirts and other items and donating the proceeds to non-profit organizations, engaged in song writing, photography projects, created videos to inform people of the issues, and are using art as a medium to spread awareness.

These young students have done an incredible job in spreading awareness to their family, friends, and people around their community. They’re looking to send their message out on a global level through enterprising and creative projects.

We applaud these students for their amazing work, and hope to see more groups and clubs emulate their example across the country.

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