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By-products of the lake

The saline deposits obtained from the lake are rather of an exceptional nature. Compared with the most famous salt lake in India, the Sambhar Lake in Rajputana, it will be seen that whereas at Lonar the carbonates of soda are the most important, in the case…Read More

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Lonar Crater Lake FACT FILE Discovered By : British officer, C J E Alexander in1823. Popular As : World's Third Largest Lake Water Lake. Major Attractions : Amber Lake – Known as Little Lonar Crater with a Diameter of 1,100 feet or 340 mts. Flora Attractions…Read More


Lonar Lonar is an extremely beautiful place. The place also has an importance of its own as it is has the only lake in India that is created out of hypervelocity meteorite impact. The crater that is formed because of the impact is the third largest crater…Read More
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