flat water charge still on the table and free allocation a ruse

a chairde Im pasting some questions that I put to the new Minister Phil Hogan and his replies below. The promise of a free allocation is a ruse, if it is introduced at all it will quickly be replaced by full charges. Any form of charge for domestic use should…Read More

flat charge for domestic water

an article in todays Independent reports that government sources have indicated a flat charge of €175 for water will be imposed on households. You can view the article at the below…Read More

water stopages and labour party position on charges

Much of the water stoppages over the holidays could have been avoided if councils had upgraded the antiquated distribution network of pipes. It turns out that local authorities failed to spend €146 million that was allocated to them to invest in the water…Read More

Say No to domestic water charges

website going live tomorrow, and campaign is gearing up towards Budget day Wednesday December 8th

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