justice and an arrest for the murder of Allison Jackson Foy

July 30th 2006 Allison Jackson Foy went missing from Wilmington North Carolina, leaving behind two young daughters and a family that loved her. A little over 2 years later Allison was recovered and is now the victim of an unsolved homicide. Allison was last seen at the Junction Pub and Billiards in Wilmington NC at around 2am. Some say she left with a cab driver in a taxi others say she left with an unknown person. What we do know is that when she was found aprox. 2 miles from the pub she had been brutally murdered and left in a low lying ditch. Angela Nobles Rothen who went missing a year later was found lying next to her. Please if you have any information about Allison's murder or something you saw that night contact the Wilmington PD or CUE Center for Missing Persons. We will not stop until justice is served and an arrest is made so that this does not happen again! To that as end a memorial fund has been established in Allison's name with all proceeds donated to CUE Center for Missing Persons to help other families who have a missing loved one. Visit Allison's website at www.helpfindallison.com We miss and love you Allison!

1. www.helpfindallison.com

2. The Allison Jackson Foy Memorial Fund

3. resolution, answers and an arrest for Allison's unsolved homicide.