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In need of caring parent's, grandparent's, and agency's and everyone to bring hope to children that people still care

Anyone who will take a stand for children in need of protection? They did not ask to be trapped in the middle of an abusive situation. They did not ask to be thrown in under-funded investigation taping center's that are distroy the small chance of criminal charge's. Children asked for help they told of strangulation, rape, battery, and abuse yet because the system did not listen. The whole system is failing to protect children's best interest's and instead punish children and place them in the abusive home will they die maybe will they suffer re-victimization definatly. Will you take a stand for the children who deserve the right to live free from fear,violence, rape, and murder?
Will you bring hope that individual's still care enough to take a stand for the children suffering system re-victimization?

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