Actively advocate for increased awareness about diabetes and diabetes prevention.

We need your help to create awareness about the importance of preventing diabetes.

Right now, the future isn’t looking so good…

1 in 3 children (1 in 2 minority children) born today will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Unfortunately if trends continue, children born after 2000 will be the first generation to NOT OUTLIVE their parents.

LET’S REWRITE OUR FUTURE! Diabetes is 90% preventable. The first step towards prevention is creating awareness.

Join us, as we campaign throughout the year to educate others about prediabetes and the importance of preventing diabetes!

Thank You!

1. 1 in 3 children born today will develop diabetes

2. 9 out of 10 who are "at-risk" are unaware they are in danger of developing full-blown diabetes

3. Diabetes is 90% preventable

4. $1 of $5 health care dollars is spent on diabetes