FasTrac gives students the opportunity to change behaviors as they become involved in supportive activities designed to lead them to alternative approaches to solve life's problems.

FasTrac is a free program for youth and their families who are minority and are in high-risk situations. Our program covers grades 4 - 12 and college students from previous years in FasTrac. It supports youth through programs that enhance academic performance, community involvement, preparation for college, youth leadership, employment and vocational training. All youth are given guidance through individual and peer group support. FasTrac has success is evidenced by high-risk students showing significant increases in school attendance, grade point averages, employment, college acceptance, extracirricular activities, volunteerism and self-esteem. All juvenile offenders were off probation by the end of 2009-2010 school year and did not reoffend.

1. 97% of all youth in this program do not reoffend in the juvenile justice program

2. Enhances ability of students to improve grades, attitudes, behavior and self-esteem.

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