Please Sign & Pass on To World So We Can Save This Whale!!! If we save one we will be able to save many more. Thanks, Mermi The Mermaid

Thanks Raj & Freyga for signing first. We're 3 officially !!! To the 12 who joined before, I didn't have the Facebook petition .. sorry about that .. making you do it twice. Maybe you can take it to class and get others involved atwork so it spreads. I…Read More

Petition Done & Ready For Signatures!!!

God Bless You! Let's Do this My Lucky 12! :)

Program: Orca Tank Expansion Fundraising Project

Budget:$3,000,000 Category: Animal-Welfare Program Description: THE DOLPHIN FOUNDATION is raising funds in an anonymous way to help an orca from the L Pod with a bigger tank. Her owner won't be thrilled, but it is a fair and just deal. Legally, it should be…Read More
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