Let's Get Obama to Pass a U.S. Refund on all Bottles & Cans to Help The Recession & End Pollution

70,000 people picked up trash with THE Dolphin Foundation in 2010 to protect dolphins, manatees, sea-turtles, rays, pelicans and more And Every Bottle & Can was thrown in the garbage. It was a CRIME not to be able to recycle them. Refunds would give earthlings an incentive to pick up and NOT throw trash out their cars, boats, bicycles, and hands. Fish you eat MAY BE polluted and may cause cancer so for health besides land beauty purposes, make the economical choice to donate here & sign our petition. Pass this on to freinds if you care and seriously want a solution to happen: All Bottles & Cans in the USA can be refundable if You TAKE ACTION. Make America Clean

1. Let's Recycle to Re-use the materials to make more of the same product! Don't Waste!

2. Recycling will give YOU money back to buy stuff! Don't Waste!

3. Recycling will Save Oceans of Sea-Life in addition to Earthlings! Donate Now!