What is the only state in the USA to have banned plastic bags?

California (36% people answered this) New York (7% people answered this) Washington (12% people answered this) Florida (5% people answered this) Hawaii (37% people answered this) 2049 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: Hawaii In May…Read More

The average person uses a plastic bag for how long?

5 minutes (34% people answered this) 12 minutes (27% people answered this) 1 hour (26% people answered this) 1 month (11% people answered this) 353 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 12 minutes Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1…Read More

Spread the goodness to the earth. For every pledge, $1 will be donated to garden projects.

Earth day is rapidly approaching. Please join me in taking this pledge to do something good for the environment in honor of Earth Day. Your actions will contribute to a healthier planet. http://www.causes.com/actions/1742842-spread-the-goodness-to-the-earth

Now's Our Chance! Urge Leaders to Ban Plastic Bags in California

We have a great opportunity to ban plastic bags in California and we need your help. Whether you live in California or elsewhere, please sign the petition to put pressure on leaders to pass a bill to ban plastic bags. This may be our best opportunity to…Read More

Ban Toxic Plastic Chemical BPA from Food & Drink Containers

Hello Cause Community, I recently signed this petition to ban the toxic chemical BPA and wanted to share it with you. The organization Plastic Pollution Coalition launched the campaign to protect our health and the environment. BPA can be found in plastic…Read More

Urge school leaders to replace single-use plastic water bottles with reusable options

Hello Cause Community - Anna, a high school student from Wachusett Regional High School, is fighting to reduce single-use water bottle waste. Her school has 13 vending machines! They've seen an increase in litter around the school and she wants to put a…Read More

Tell Three Businesses to Think Beyond Plastic

Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you this great pledge to help reduce plastic pollution. One effective way to reduce plastic waste is to encourage businesses to use less plastic in their packaging and distribution system. Take the pledge today,…Read More
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