Christopher Dillingham Blew Up Family Dog, Won't Face Animal Cruelty Charges:

Christopher Dillingham Blew Up Family Dog, Won't Face Animal Cruelty Charges: Christopher Dillingham Cabella, a Labrador Retriever, was killed with an explosive device on Sunday, allegedly by his new owner. A Washington State man arrested for allegedly…Read More

Circuses remove last of the big cats from UK's big tops

Activists hail absence of lions and tigers from travelling shows for the first time as animal welfare victory. The coalition government has promised to fulfil Labour's pledge to ban all performing wild animals, but no date has been set.  Photograph:…Read More

Animal cruelty bill in legislature TUCSON, AZ

If Tucson Democratic State Senator Steve Farley gets what he wants, people convicted of animal cruelty would have to register much the same way sex offenders do. He's introduced Senate Bill 1161 which appears to have support across the aisle. Republican…Read More

$188K Donation Goes to Wrong Collinsville Animal Shelter

 Susan Babbitt received a phone call from the Dana Law Firm in Ariz. It was the kind of call people dream of: A woman had recently passed away,and had left money to the Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter, the animal haven Babbit founded in Collinsville,…Read More

Sentencing Day for Purple Hearted Puppies -This Can't Be Justice

BAY MINETTE, Alabama -Authorities discovered hundreds of animals at The Purple Hearted Puppies rescue in Summerdale malnourished, dead or dying January 26th, 2012. Some of the dogs had resorted to cannibalizing other animals just to stay alive.The mother and…Read More

Exotic Big Cats Hoarding Case Exposed - See the truth Uncovered in this video footage

In January the IFAW  jumped in to help with the rescue of Riverglen Tiger Sanctuary's 30 big cats.  IFAW gave a matching grant of $40,000! Turpentine Creek supporters met the match in record time to raise a total of $80,000.  Thanks IFAW and their staff for…Read More

Special Appeal From Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd

Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd need YOUR help! Please visit ( and ( and sign the petitions on behalf of Paul and the whales who he works so tirelessly to protect. Anyone in the world can…Read More
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