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Urgent Need In Arkansas To Relocate and House Big Cats

On Monday, October 29, 2012, a dialog began between TCWR and the sheriff of a county where 34 big cats are housed at a private facility. Turpentine Creek was asked to help with the situation, so TCWR president and two staff members made arrangements to visit the animals to assess the severity of the problem. The county sheriff also was on hand for this visit, which was last week, Thursday, November 1, 2012.

The person owning the cats is 72 years old and in failing health. The youngest tiger is 14-15 years old: the owner was hoping to be able to care for all 34 of the cats until they succumb to a natural death. Most of the cats are healthy and should live to be 18-25 years old. The owner's health is not going to hold up to see the plan through. Turpentine Creek has been asked to help by both the owner and the local sheriff.

The visit on November 1st was eye opening and the depth and magnitude of the situation became very evident. The problem had been compounded by cancelled expectations of help from another facility. Dens had been allowed to collapse without repair. Grounds maintenance and road upkeep had stopped some time ago and, as a result, no truck/trailer can access the animals. Equipment and tools are almost all in nonworking order and much needed repairs go undone. There is no running water to the animals so all/most of it must be hauled up and down the mountain on horrible paths accessible only by foot, four wheeler, or tractor. The cage construction is unsafe. It is amazing that no big cats were running loose. Safety by the gun of a sheriff is calming on one hand, yet it is unnerving to need such a presence on the other.

There are 32 more big cats needing a life-long home. TCWR staff is doing all it can to arrange to help these needy animals. If you can afford to make a large donation, now is the time. If you cannot go large, any amount will help. Thanks so much for your assistance.

It is not realistic to build each of these magnificent creatures a huge habitat right now. The expense is too high. To relocate one big cat to safety and insuring its future will cost approximately $7,000.00. This amount will pay for the expenses of building a lockdown, with roof, and perimeter fence, plus setting it up for a habitat to be added easily later. Please help us, help those in need. I know this is a lot of money, but saving an endangered species is priceless. Thank you.

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Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is also in great need for volunteer's so if you live in the area or surrounding area please give them a call to help.
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi sent a donation of $5,000 to help Turpentine Creek Refuge save the remaining tigers that need to be saved from Betty Youngs place. 

This is very exciting news posted today on the Turpentine Creek Facebook page 

This donation puts TCWR just under $20,000 from their goal! Can you donate today?



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Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has taken on the challenge to try and rescue over 30 big cats and bring them to their sanctuary and give them a place to call home and to live out the rest of their days. This is a huge undertaking due to the amount of money it will take to do this. So far they have saved 10 due to many wonderful people donating and volunteering their time. This is a extremely urgent situation considering the woman that owned these animals health is declining and has decided it was best to let them go to Turpentine Creek. Since they do not have the resources to transport and build that many exhibits within a matter of weeks they are raising funds one tiger at a time . Great progress has been made and I will add some of the photos of the work they have achieved so far.

Turpentine has raised $1,795.00 of the $7,000 that is needed for Turbo - Here is the link set up to raise the much needed funds for his new home.

Most importantly winter has arrived and there are 20 something still with their 72 year old owner. The cats desperately need our help and fast.

ADD Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on FB- and let them know YOU BELONG TO THE PURPLE ARMY FOR ANIMALS AND WE SENT YA.

If you cant donate please share this with your friends and if you live in Arkansas you can always donate your time and talent to this wonderful refuge. (PLEASE CLICK THROUGH THE PHOTOS TO SEE ALL THE PROGRESS BEING MADE.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
239 Turpentinecreek Lane
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
Phone (479) 253-5841
Email [email protected]

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As of 12/19/2012 Our cause members have given $945.00 thank you all so very much!!


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