Christmas Throughout The Year: 182 members and growing

Hi everyone, I'm sure you're all very busy doin' your holiday "thing" as am I. All the paperwork has been submitted with a little back and forth with IRS so I think we will be on schedule to begin bringing Santa to the hospitalized children in January (the…Read More

Santa needs some elves ;-}

Hey guys, Christmas Throughout The Year has 137 members..... pretty cool heh ;-} We're still working through all the red tape to acquire the necessary non-profit status which we hope to have before the holiday season. Our goals are as follows: - attain…Read More

Thanyou ALL !!!

Thank you so much for joining Christmas Throughout The Year. As of this posting we have 71 members. Not too shabby but you know that I know we aint even started. So get fired up and rally everyone you know. WE are gunna help a lot of kids that need some…Read More

Christmas Throughout The Year

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