Battered Women and European values

Vadim Kastelli shot a film about domestic violence ... in the land of Amazons and militant Cossack wives By Anna SLIESARIEVA For anybody committed to European values, violence against women is a barbaric act. Incidentally, in Ukraine, a country known for its…Read More

Afghanistan: Ghor Warlords Accused of Abusing Women

Source: Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) Date: 17 Mar 2011 Residents of western province say armed strongmen abduct and assault women without fear of government retribution. By Zia Ahmadi - Afghanistan ARR Issue 393, 17 Mar 11 Local warlords…Read More

Rape in Turkey: between incitement, complicity and silence

Sertaç Sehlikoğlu, 18 March 2011 The debates triggered by a 14-fold increase in violent crimes against women in Turkey in the last seven years have pitted Islamic male scholars and journalists against Islamic women writers, reports Sertaç Sehlikoğlu There…Read More

Feminism's last taboo

Kate Ellis, Minister for the Status of Women, launched a 12-year national plan this month that is designed to reduce violence against women and children. The plan is based on research that indicates as many as one in three Australian women will experience…Read More

Kurdish women and their struggle for equality

Kurdish women and their struggle for equality - By Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar Kurdish women are largely divided into four regions; Syria, Turkey, Iran and Kurdistan. Their problems and struggles are equally divided. Oppression towards women in…Read More

10 Points to Remember If You Are Raped or Sexually Assaulted

Ten points to remember if you are raped or sexually assaulted. 1. Do not resist unless you are sure you have a good chance of overcoming the attacker and getting to safety. If the attacker is armed and/or you cannot get to safety, quickly concentrate on…Read More

Drillfield art project to raise awareness of sexual violence

by Morgan Tate, news staff writer The Clothesline Project, on display on the Drillfield this week, is an annual project designed to highlight the effects of abuse against women, and domestic and sexual violence. The project, created in 1994 by the…Read More
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