A better life for people with autism in Romania and their families, a life in dignity and respect.

AUTISM ROMANIA is a parent association funded in 2001, member of Autism Europe since 2002. It was created by parents with the misson to defend their children rights, and to promote and participate in improving lives of people with autism and their families.

We do and looking for funds in order to continue to our programs and initiatives

- publish our own publications on autism, organize workshops, seminars, conferences, develop a library, in order to promote a better understanding of autism spectrum disorders amongst parents, professionals and policy makers, because of lack of information an training oportunities in autism

- Create pilot support services for children, young people and adults with autism, because of lack of such adapted services to persons with autism needs

-fund a Family „First steps” program to provide information in autism to families with a child just diagnosed with autism, and counseling for all families (for dealing with emotional problems, juridical, therapeutical, educational, aso)

- fund first –pilot multifunctional center for young people with autism, who ended a form of formal education, an live without support or continuous education or employment , stay at home doing nothing , in behavioral degradation, in isolation and with their ageing desperate parent/s, or in psychiatric institutions.

- lead national advocacy efforts to urge our legislators and policy makers and to provide funds for dedicated programs and services for people with autism, write new policy and create education law that offer equal opportunities for learning for persons with autism;

1. 1.give hope to families with persons with autism of a better future

2. 2. improve lives of people with autism and their families

3. 3. promote a more caring and respectful Romanian society towards persons with autism and generally with disabilities

4. www.autismromania.ro