Update on cause July 14th 2011

I would like to thanks all member who joined the "cause" . I have managed to raise 150.00 from the sources and next target is 200$. if anyone williing to donate few dollars to the cause, let me know please. It' private cause no profit. Thanks

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Thank you for joining the cause. Those who joined recently I would like to take this opportutnity thank them, and those who recruited member for the cause also appreciated Best regards Fantasia

Thank you for your support

I would like to thank you "Lokki Meye" for her effort to recruited member for our cause. Without all memeber support cause cannot be helpful. All those newly member joined recently to the cause, please accept my gratification and look forward to more…Read More

please join the cause we need a member support!

Thank you

Join the Cause

Please join the cause ! we need your member support. Help us to achieve the goal! God Bless

Cause update

Still waiting for website proposal and Logo.. It tough challenge..but nothing built a day.. I will built this with your member support as long as it get! please stay connected to the cause. If you have any case you think you can share for an article. please…Read More

website/Blog for cause

Hello everyone, I am working to establish good website that will bring more support, however it will takes long enough to build one, I needs tips,tools, suggestion on webdesign , logo banner. If any gas any idea, please send me by email. Thanks
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