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Once in the long ago, there was a time when man & beast were as one. The world was still new, by your standards, filled with unknown possibilities & untapped resources. As time passed it became more & more apparent that man was not like the other animals. They watched as he made weapon from wood & stone to fell prey, took skins to keep warm, spread to all the land & most startling of all wielded fire.

The beasts united then, they turned upon man. A line was drawn & gathered together on one side were all the animals of the world & on the other man, alone.

You are different than us, you cannot be as we are." the king of the animals spoke "No animal will side with you, for any that do will suffer as you will. They too will be cast out & their lot will be the lot of man. They will have to stay with you & will never truly be ally or friend to their fellow animals again."

All were silent, many looked about in quiet awe, as the weight of this decree came upon them. This would be a fearful fate, none would dare bring such a fate upon themselves. It was then that one animal stepped forward & crossed the line to sit at man's side. Where it has stayed since that day.

© 2008 Chases-Lost-Ghosts


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