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Apology for Michael Jackson

To: Time Almanac, Media Outlets Worldwide
Time Almanac 2010

The undersigned demand a complete retraction and public apology for “Time Almanac 2010,” recent obituary of Michael Jackson. “Time Almanac,” has shown no respect for the late Icon Michael Jackson. The obituary listing for Michael Jackson makes references to “weird behavior, the allegations of molestation, and substance abuse." They also say that his death was caused by possible drug abuse.

These statements are speculative, demeaning, and slander. Michael Jackson was proven innocent in a court of law and a jury so if you mention the allegations then you need to also mention he was proven innocent by the United States Justice System.

As for weird behavior, this is very slanderous and should not be allowed especially from a book that is supposed to represent facts. That kind of remark is not only slanderous but completely disrespectful to the deceased and his family members.

As for drug abuse causing the death of Michael, Michael’s death has been ruled as a homicide and not death by drug abuse. Time Almanac has presented an obituary for Michael Jackson that is disrespectful and full of speculations and slander. For these reasons the undersigned demand a complete retraction of this page from their book and public apology to the family and fans of Michael Jackson.

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