Only 5 horses out of a unique herd of 200 still live in an area where they've survived since the time of Columbus.

There are only five Abaco Wild Horses left in the Bahamas. They are fighting for their lives as inappropriate human intervention and a drastic change in habitat have taken a severe toll. The struggling remnants of a once mighty herd of 200 horses face extinction without an international effort to save them. Please support Arkwild’s efforts to preserve and protect these rare and wonderful creatures.

We are expanding our humble preserve into a sanctuary for other animals and a place where people can go to experience the hush of a forest, the sound of wind in the trees, and the calls of wild birds. We currently have 13 dogs and 3 cats in residence on the Wild Horse Preserve, all rescued from abuse or abandonment.

Please explore our site to learn more about the World’s most endangered horses. Make a donation and then visit us in Abaco to experience what you have helped make real.

In August 2002, the horses were designated as a new strain of the critically endangered Spanish Barb breed by the Horse of the America’s Registry. Recent research shows that the horses are more accurately described as Spanish Colonials, so they have become the Abaco Spanish Colonials.

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1. Please go to http:/www.arkwild.org for more information and to donate/volunteer.

2. Good quality horse food (grain and hay) is needed along with new, metal trash cans to discourage the island's prodigious rat population.