Thanks for being a part of the cause!

Let's see how many people we can get involved! Every member we get brings us closer to illuminating the unjust nature of the socioeconomic class system. With enough support, we can make a difference! You can help out by inviting all of your friends and…Read More

Gardening Opportunities!

There are two upcoming opportunities to get involved with the center's gardening initiatives! 1) On 10/10/10, this Sunday, we will be celebrating the global environmental work party by working in the Foothills Community Garden between 8-12 and 1-5. Our hope…Read More

Art Therapy

The Naropa Center for Class and Poverty Matters is implementing an Art Therapy/Mentorship program for underpriveleged youth in Boulder. We will be working with groups of girls in Boulder's foster care program to allow them the opportunity to work with the…Read More

Street Team

Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining this cause and being committed to creating a poverty free world. The Street Team is a group of members who's focus is to builld community by hitting the streets of Boulder and getting to know our neighbors who have been…Read More
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