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Middle Chamber Urban Garden Project

Middle Chamber Urban Garden Project

The Middle Chamber Urban Garden Project is a collaborative volunteer effort from members and friends of the; Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education;
the North West Masonic Lodge AF&AM Illinois; Nature’s Schoolyard; and The Artfully Gifted Foundation, to create a 100% Organic garden in Chicago for the students to cultivate and consume its growth, and to educate the students and friends of ICRE of its process and benefits.

The project was designed to benefit the students and friends of The Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education at 1950 W. Roosevelt in Chicago.

Please visit the Urban Garden Project Facebook Page.

The Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education - Roosevelt (ICRE-R) is part of the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) Educational Services.

ICRE-R's program is fully accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA-CASI), and is a 24-hour, 7-day a week residential education program. ICRE-R provides a continuum of educational and related services to students with physical disabilities at no cost to the students' families. Our program is designed to give students the ability to learn and experience life-long skills, to create a vision of a desirable future, and to be actively involved in planning and experiencing action steps required for attainment of their transition goals and objectives.

ICRE-R values all individuals and their right to lead a dignified and productive life. The students' programs assist them in achieving a successful transition from school to the community of their choice.

The mission of ICRE-R is to prepare young people with severe physical disabilities for a successful adult life through a comprehensive program of education and training.

The vision of ICRE-R is to become recognized as a leader in the provision of education and rehabilitation services to young people with disabilities in the community, as well as in a residential setting.
( from their website )


2"x12"x12' Wood planks x 10 pcs

4"x4"x8' Wood post. x 6 pcs

2"x4" x8' x 8 pcs

3/8 or or bigger x 4-6" lag bolts with washers x 50 pcs

A couple 3/8 drill bits to pre drill holes for lag bolts

Box of 4 inch screws for out door use.

Plastic fencing to keep rabbits out of our ground level veggie boxes

Chicken wire for climbing plants

Other items on a need to have basis

To learn how YOU can donate any of the items on this list or how to donate your time to help build this project, contact Ray Espiritu
[email protected]

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