Motorcycles Awareness to drivers of other vehicles

This page is dedicated to the lives lost by motorcyclists who went out for a ride and never came back. To those bikers lost because a driver wasn’t looking where they were going, and/or committed some other careless act which caused the unnecessary loss of a motorcyclist.

1.Motorcycles consist of 1% of all road traffic but are unfortunately involved in 20% of all road accidents

2. 70% of all motorcycle accidents involved collision with another vehicle.

3. 75% of motorcycle - Car accidents occur on urban roads, in 39% of cases the cause of the collision was the motorcycle, but in 61% of incidents car drivers were at fault

4. 7% of accidents are caused by the car emerging from the left into the path of motorcycle but 21% are from cars crossing from the right into the path of the motorcycle.

5. Beware of motorcycles: When you are driving, Listen for motorcycles and Look for Motorcycles...

We have added road death maps for the U.S. and U.K. on our links page at http://dyingtoride.org/links.htm