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Lolita is the only surviving Orca of a horrific & brutal capture of a pod of 58 Orcas in Washington State on the 8th August 1970. She has been living in what has been called 'A Whale Puddle' at the Miami Seaquarium performing the same tricks twice a day everyday for the PAST FORTY YEARS, It is time to L.L.L LET LOLITA LIVE & free her from the Miami Seaquarium.
Lolita and her family were swimming peacefully off the coast of Washington State, in route to a ritual gathering of the orca nations. The year of 1970 was different, the pod of orcas were met with roaring speed boats, explosives & nets. Deafening bombs exploded around the family as boats and small aircraft attempted to herd the disoriented whales into Puget Sound's Penn Cove inlet. The mature orcas split into two groups in a bid to protect their young by leading the capturers on a wild goose chase...they were unsuccessful. Puget Sound residents claim that the air was thick with the sounds of whales screaming that day & night.
Orcas that did not survive the capture were SLIT OPEN, their bodies filled with rocks & sunk to the sea floor, (later washing up & creating a news frenzy.)

------BOUGHT BY MIAMI SEAQUARIUM---------------
Nonetheless, Lolita was purchased by The Miami Seaquarium & taken 3000 miles from home to live in a tank well below minimum APHIS standards. The Humane Society filed a formal complaint against the Miami Seaquarium in 1995 with APHIS (The Animal Plant & Humane Service) as Lolita's Tank does not meet the minimum standards for an Orca her size, in fact it should be almost double what it is to reach minimum standards. The Humane Society's complaint was met with a cold shoulder by APHIS despite the clear space violation. The ongoing claim by the Seaquarium has been that they have been in plans to construct a new tank for Lolita... which still has yet to come to fruition.

At the seaquarium Lolita was temporarily reunited with one of the other captured orca's named Hugo. The Miami Seaquarium housed him in The Manatee pool which was so small that, in order for him to feed, his tail would bend against the floor in order to bob his head out of the water. Hugo was worked to death in just 10 years, dying of an anauerism, a result of hitting his head one to many times against the tiny walls of his tank...since then, Lolita has been alone at the Miami Seaquarium, her only friend, an inflatable toy orca.

Following the release of Keiko from another facility (the Orca that starred in the motion picture Free Willy) they even attempted to capture him claiming that it was for his own protection. The reality: Lolita The Orca is the Miami Seaquarium's cash cow & they will work her to death. After all, on top of the earnings they recieve daily on tickets, merchandise & investment stock, when Lolita does die, The Miami Seaquarium will gain a further ONE MILLION DOLLARS, their life insurance policy on her, they will never set her free of their own accord.

The Miami Seaquarium has an infamous record which has been exposed by many people including Ric O'Barry (former trainer of Flipper). Photo & document evidence proves that while Flipper's identity may never die, the dolphins playing him certainly do. At one point, staff were quoted as saying that the dolphin graveyard was full. How many animals have died? Miami Seaquarium Death Charts confirm an astonishing 61 dolphin deaths, 31 sealion deaths & 20 still born sealions in addition to Hugo's death. In addition, it is alleged that Lolita has given birth to many stillborn calves though numbers are sketchy.

Rare pictures were released of the stomach contents of one of the dolphins named Poncho who died of stomach problems. Among his stomach contents were: 2 footballs, 31 Coins, 21 Stones, 1 Trainers Whistle & various other metal objects. Former trainer Russ Rector states that...

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