Public Awareness & On Site Wildlife Protection:End Cruel & Destructive Commercial Annual Slaughter of Seals for Fur Trade. Work To End Dolphin & Whale Multilation Incl. Slaughter Labelled RESEARC

Becoming Informed Is the first Step in implementing much needed change for the earth & all of its animals, including us & our children!
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End The Canadian Seal Hunt

OR FB Group: Calling All Canadians: World Helps to End Commercial Seal Hunt

The Advocates:
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Humane Society US & International

International Fund For Animal Welfare

1. Commercial Seal Hunting Is Far Beyond Cruel & Devestating WorldWide. Canada's Slaughter Mutilates the Planets Highest Numbers By Far Annually.

2. Whales Are Slaughtered Under the Label of Research

3. Dolphins Are Not Protected In Japan Under Cetacean Protection Laws, They Are Herded Into A Cove & Butchered For Meat.

4. We are Destroying the planet that we call home in so many ways and inflicting cruelty & suffering to its animals & wildlife. TAKE A STAND!

5. Learn More www.aokpressurewashing.ca/Environment.php