More then a billion pit bull are put to sleep in America each year, save the breed, Spade and Neuter All Pits and save them from backyard breeders.

Spade & Neuter All Pits. Love them, they will love you back. Stop breeding to make a few bucks! The reality is too many dont have a home and are facing death as you read this. If we stop backyard breeders less dogs will be born and abandoned and more will be saved from dog fighting.

1. Backyard breeders dont see how they contribute in any way to the needless slaughter of millions of dogs per year in shelters.

2. Good Pit Bull Breeders ONLY breed when there is a need for puppies and they all have home before their born backyard breeders sell pups on facebook

3. Only 1 out of 10 Pitbulls from a backyard breeder make it to a family that will keep it forever! ONLY 1! The others are going to DIE!