The Grace project will serve to bring awareness for breast health and acceptance of the post-Mastectomy body.

“Grace” is a series of portraits of women who have experienced Mastectomy Surgery in order to survive Breast Cancer.

It is a continuation of my ongoing exploration into women, body image and our perception of beauty within contemporary culture.

I use Hellenistic sculpture as a visual reference for these portraits, taking inspiration from such artifacts as the “Venus De Milo” and “Nike of Samathrace”. These sculptures have survived the trauma of history and in the process have become dismembered, and yet we still view them as ultimate symbols of beauty.

My subjects are also survivors and through the trauma of breast cancer have also lost body parts. Given this visual index allows both subject and viewer to access a place of acceptance and beauty.

1. Grace is a photo based project reavealing the courage beauty and Grace of women who have had mastectomy surgery. http://www.thegraceproject.net

2. The project will be an empowering tool for women with breast cancer, their partners and their families.

3. The project will travel to traditional venues such as galleries and museums, but also alternative venues such as breast cancer charity events.

4. A soft cover publication of the work will be created to be distributed throughout oncology departments and women's health advocacy groups.

5. New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) has endorsed The "Grace" project by becoming a fiscal sponsor for the project.