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Thank You School Fees 2008 Supporters!

To all of you who contributed to the Life in Africa School Fees 2008 campaign so far, THANK YOU for your support. $255 has been raised from our Facebook Cause page toward the School Fees 2008 campaign through 31 January 2008. We have just disbursed first term sponsorships for 12 children in Uganda. The communities in Kampala and Gulu will be creating profiles online about those children within the first quarter of this year, to help us keep supporters updated on the impact of your support.

Starting 1 February 2008, all contributions to the Life in Africa cause on Facebook will be supporting the Click4Africa 2008 campaign to keep the Life in Africa communities in Uganda connected to your world wide web of global grassroots change. Be warned that the click4africa teams in Gulu and Kireka (Kampala) will be vying for your online support!

My best to you all, and thank you again


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