March 2009 LIA Small grants campaign!

In March , we are planning to give out small grants to our WE team members, at the moment we are receiving applications and you are all invited to vet and later on vote for your favorite CBOs/NGOs found…Read More

Internet communication workshop for WE Network community leaders

Soon the Foundation will hold an internet communication workshop, in Kampala and we have been trying to put together a few things that can make this happen. I would like to invite all friends and well wishers of Life in Africa to help us organize this very…Read More

Announcing: CLICK4AFRICA 2008

Visit to read how two Life in Africa community telecenter-based teams in different parts of Uganda are now racing each other in the Click4Africa 2008 qualifying round of clicking competition. 30% of MONIES RAISED FOR…Read More

Thank You School Fees 2008 Supporters!

To all of you who contributed to the Life in Africa School Fees 2008 campaign so far, THANK YOU for your support. $255 has been raised from our Facebook Cause page toward the School Fees 2008 campaign through 31 January 2008. We have just disbursed first term…Read More

TODAY is Life in Africa School Fees Day

Hey Life in Africa fans! Please take a moment to do what you can to help us get as many unique donors as possible to contribute to Life in Africa TODAY. $10 is the minimum donation - and if we have more donations than the other orgs on facebook today then…Read More

Life in Africa donation day on Facebook - January 16!

All funds raised on Facebook for Life in Africa in January support the School Fees 2008 campaign: Facebook is giving $1,000 per day away to the cause with the most unique donors on that day. If you've got $10…Read More

Still working out the best ways to use this space

Suggestions welcome on how to maximize the use of this space to keep folks up to date with what's happening at Life in Africa and engage in dialogue with those of you who want that. Meanwhile you can: Join the Life in Africa group on Facebook at…Read More
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