Thank you for your support!

Thank you to our 55 members. This is how awareness starts. Please tell your friends about the need that is in India. Knowing what the need is, is the first step to doing something about it. For only $100 we can provide a Bio Sand Filter to each of these…Read More

Save a Life. Provide Clean Water.

Thank you so much to the 16 new members that are willing to support this cause. We truly appreciate your willingness to help through posting this cause to your friends, by word of mouth, and through monetary support. We are excited to see this cause become…Read More

Save a Life. Provide Clean Water.

Thank yo so much to the 14 who have said that they would become members of "Save a Life. Provide Clean Water." Please continue to tell your friends about the great need for clean water in India, and how they could be part of the solution. It doesn't take…Read More

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We have recieved our first donation of $100.00 towards a bio-sand filter for India. Please continue to give so that we can reach our goal and save lives.
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