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Cleve 'Sarge' Foster is due to be put to death tomorrow (Tuesday April 5th). Apart from his claims of innocence and the sworn affidavit from Sheldon Ward admitting he committed the crime alone, this execution raises many other issues.

Firstly Cleve is to be executed with a drug that has never been used in the three drug cocktail, and is commonly used to euthanize family pets, pentobarbital.

Secondly, there is much concern over where these drugs were obtained, and how they were obtained. It was revealed last week that Texas has been using the licence number for a hospital that closed many years ago, in effect making all acquisitions illegal. Recently Georgia had all of it's supply of LI drugs seized by the DEA, Texas 'could' follow suit. As this has not happened yet, Cleve Foster could be given a highly substandard drug that is supposed to put him to sleep so the execution is painless. This is highly suspect, as the source of the drugs and the nature and how pentobarbital will react to the second and third drug is not known.

We are asking everyone to call Governor Perry and raise all these concerns, and ask him to stay the execution of Sarge, and also to declare a moratorium on all executions at least until all the questions about the drugs can be answered and to a satisfactory level.

Please contact Gov Perry at:

Citizen's Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers] :
(800) 252-9600

Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers] :
(512) 463-1782 (International callers please use the prefix 001).

Office of the Governor Fax:
(512) 463-1849

[email protected]

Thank you.

In love, peace and solidarity.

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