Back to Maria, fetita de 1 an cu neuroblastom are nevoie de bani pentru operatie.


We ask your help for my colegue Adriana Sentes's girl who turns 1 year in November. The girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The CANCER appeared on the left rib and already migrated to the spine. She was recommended a clinic in Paris, and doctors from the clinic told her that the investigation will not begin until they receive the minimum amount of 38.000 Euro in the account. Adriana told us today 28.09, after receiving the MRI ...results that she must be operated urgent (this week). The tumor has 9 cm and spread through the ribs and fixed to the spine.
Looks like she will need two surgeries, one in the chest for the removal of parts of the tumor and to make room for the second one for neurosurgeon to operate the spine.
The situation is desperate and we must mobilize, any amount donated is a chance for this little soul who has the right for life.
We need your help to make the cause known outside Romania and by as many people as possible.
The link for the pictures, analysis and more information can be found at:

The accounts are open to Volksbank Romania

IBAN:RO69VBBU2511BU4642221102 - - EUR Swift code VBBUROBU

Owner: Adriana Sentes

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