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Please Ignore The Previous Email

It has been drawn to my attention that an administrator from this cause has posted a bulletin asking for donations. It would also appear that this was forwarded as a request by email.

Please be assured that this is in no way part of this Facebook Cause. I am using this cause to raise awareness of the Bible as God's word.

If you received this email I apologise. The offending Bulletin has been removed from this Cause and I have sought to delete all posts across any Facebook page.

The Administrator has now been removed from taking charge of this site.

I hope this serves to reassure you. Please note that AT NO TIME will you be asked for money from this site.I have also requested that any profiles affiliated to this online ministry agree to this stance.

I will keep posting the occassional link (no more than one per 7-10 days) to a blog, video or other resource.

On that note I would also encourage you to post links and other interesting things on the discussion board.

Again, my sincere apologies.

God bless


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