Let's Get To 10,000 Members

Hi everyone. So far this cause has been on Facebook since the last week of September 2010. The target is 1,000,000 and so far we are approaching 6,000, which is good going. Why don't we try and reach 10,000 before May 2011? To this end I am asking if you can…Read More

Please Ignore The Previous Email

It has been drawn to my attention that an administrator from this cause has posted a bulletin asking for donations. It would also appear that this was forwarded as a request by email. Please be assured that this is in no way part of this Facebook Cause. I am…Read More

Our Facebook Public Page

Hi Everyone It's been 10 days or so since I last sent a bulletin round. A big thanks for taking the time to read the last one. The purpose of this bulletin is to encourage you to 'sign up' for our Facebook profile. You can find this…Read More

New Bible Sites

As part of this Cause we are partnering with Phorgiven. This is a new online ministry involved in online Bible Study and Devotions. www.phorgiven.com This is the Bible Study site which posts each working day. Different topics are addressed each month.…Read More


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