Rehoming German Shepherds Nationwide to safe, loving, caring homes

A UK based German Shepherd Rescue rescuing and re-homing German Shepherds to loving new forever homes. Our aim is to try and rehome shepherds throughout the UK, lowering the numbers of unwanted, un-loved shepherds. We also try to lower the numbers of unwanted dogs in dog pounds, no more strays wondering the streets, making sure all German Shepherds are being re-homed to dedicated homes through this rescue, if you can help please get in touch, any time you can offer will be greatly appreciated. www.rescuegermanshepherd.co.uk

1. Lowering the numbers of unwanted dogs

2. Re-homing German Shepherds to forever homes

3. Join the Cause, donate by purchasing merchandise to help raise funds for needy german shepherds

4. Kenneling costs and medical treatments are expensive please donate

5. www.rescuegermanshepherd.co.uk