Sage is back home

Sage has made the trip home! It was a long haul considering it was only a few days before the trip that Sage was just able to drink water and sit up, let alone walk and get on an airplane. So she's back in Toronto getting herself organized. The first thing…Read More

coming home tonight

wow...thank you every one for your love and support. We are coming home today! Sage is taking a nap before the trip to the airport. I'll keep you posted of her progress Shawn

thank you Gisele Gordon!

thank you for your generous donation Gisele!

donation receipts

we are accessing a charitable number to issue donation receipts. We have received $1310.00 to date. Thank you to Jason Barton, Stuart and Brione Garnham and Dagna Pielaszkiewicz for your generous, generous donations! We so appreciate your help. warmest, Shawn

thanking you all for your support

hello's been a bit crazy. Sage is tremendously brave and doing great...all things considered. She can sit up, drink water, eat and walk now too. We are hoping to book a flight back to toronto on monday or tuesday, if the doctor says it's okay.…Read More
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