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Thank a Fire Fighter - Post a Comment Today

Dear Causes Members,

Please share your words of encouragement with our fire fighters ( hard at work on the front lines.

As you are following on the news, the recent fires in the Southwest have drastically impacted people's homes, lives and livelihoods in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

From the Wallow Fire in Arizona to the Maxwell fire in Colorado and now at the Las Conchas fire in New Mexico near Los Alamos, the Conservancy's Southern Rockies fire team — a crew of highly skilled fire fighters ( — have battled blazes across the Southwest.

Please take a moment to share words of encouragement with our dedicated firefighters ( I am sure you can relate to the hard work of our fire team fighting on the front lines of these mega-fires.

We're here to offer support in times of disaster and for the long haul. Being on the front lines of these blazes has reiterated how important the Conservancy's forest restoration work is to people, water and wildlife.

Thanks to the support of people like you (, we will continue to respond to this current threat and work to reduce the impact of the next disaster.

Best regards,
The Nature Conservancy

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