Educate, inform and invite people to care for our seaworld

Coral reefs are among the greatest storehouses of biodiversity on Earth as well as the largest living structure on the planet. Even though, Coral reefs are also one of the most threatened marine systems. Scientists say that unless we take immediate action, we could loose up to 70% of coral reefs by 2050!

Do you know that 500 MILLION people rely on coral reefs for their food and livelihoods and without the coral reef half of Florida would be under water! Not only that but by estimation $375 billion per year is provided by the coral reefs in goods and services around the world.

If we don't start turning the trend around by 2050 70% of the coral reefs will be destroyed!

This is one of many causes we as habitants of this planet should involve ourselves in.

1. We need coral reefs for their medicinal values!

2. We need the coral reefs for the food it supplies us!

3. We need the coral reefs for the protection it provides for our shorelines and beaches!

4. We also need the Coral reefs for the beauty they give us!